Aug 31, 2012

cluttered space means cluttered mind...

I've always thought that cluttered space means cluttered mind... kaya pala... I seriously need to fix my closet, my bed... and my mind.

Seriously, with all the things that's happening right now, I have nothing and nobody else to blame but my poor choices. Oh bad choices... may have long term effects. In this case karma is working real fast. Digital na talaga ang karma ngayon!

God thing God never failed to rescue me. All things will work out for the benefit and the glory of God. I may not be spared of the heartaches and pains this world might thrust into my lap (though that leaves a bitter taste to my mouth) but the most hardest and painful times  of my life is actually the best times with God.

I thank Him for His Grace, His Blessings, His love...

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