Aug 29, 2012

The Japanese Hair Pad

I first saw this on eki's (I forgot what particular make up tutorial was that) a few months ago. Then I found this hair pad crowned hair pad in Broadway Gems last month.  but I don't use it that often because it's too small to hold my thick bangs. I bought this for Php35 (0.8301 US dollars).

My Mom and I were at Araneta Center to watch brother's game and we stopped by Vente, a thrift shop where everything is not really 20 Pesos (most of them are), but still bunch of stuff at a cheap price. I saw this hair pad and twisted my mom's arm just to buy me this! For only 20 Pesos (0.4743 US dollars)!
Imagine this is way cheaper than the 1st one I bought! 

I just love how it sticks to my hair preventing my bangs from falling off! It has bigger coverage I love it! Really Amazing! Actually It's only now that I found out what it's called when I googled it hahahah!!

I would've gotten pink but I think I wasn't keen enough to look for one. :/
Maybe next time when I visit Araneta.

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