Sep 5, 2012

Fashion Peg

I like Kim Ha-Neul's wardrobe in A Gentleman's Dignity. She reminds me of Lauren Conrad by wearing skinny jeans and tailored blouses. Very classic and elegant. The white skinny pants are in season right now (in  Korea I'm sure.) It's very apt for my age, though KHN plays a 36 year old woman on the series. 

Currently her fashion styles are making waves to K-Drama fans and even me! I like wearing jeans myself. Though short shorts are still one of the most comfy wear I have on my meagre wardrobe, with the kind of season we have right now, I'm always on jeans and trousers or leggings. 

My wardrobe consists of jeans leggings and shorts. I have two short skirts that gave me corrective actions in the office for wearing it (in the past).

 I've always dressed on the safe side (meaning... being the predictable) but I also like to try to be preppy or flamboyant at times. 
I think this is flamboyant for me heheheh:)
In the past, showing skin is my definition of being sexy. I made A LOT of mishaps and the "what-made-me-think-to-wear-that" moments in my life that's worth of E!'s Fashion Police but then life is an ever changing progress (or regress). Looking back... I cringe at times because I used to dress *swallowing* trashy. Though skin is still evident at times (especially on Saturdays and Sundays) I've learned that being sexy doesn't mean showing skin. It's something I've learned as I get older. I could say I'm making better choices at picking the right clothes at the right time and (surely) right places but I still have a lot to improve.

Oh well... everything is a learning process. There's always a room for improvement and starting with my hair... that's in dire need of treatment :))))

*Disclaimer: I dont own the pics from AGD*

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