Sep 4, 2012

My Closet is the Reflection of My Mind

A follow up on my previous post. I have a lot of areas in my life that should be redeemed. And so I started with the one more tangible and attainable in just a matter of hours. My Closet!

Time and again I always found myself digging and digging for that long lost shirt or that blouse that I need to wear for office. And so it's high time I clean my chaotic jungle that's inside my closet--and so I'm happy with the results.

It's not easy though. I've been procrastinating for a very long time and just picturing myself taking the clothes out and folding it one at a time. Finally, though the flesh is weak my spirits prevailed.

And it's a sure step of getting out of my cluttered mind. It's refreshing to see and set your perspectives in the right places. My closet is a reflection of my mind.

My Cluttered closet made me dress the same clothes over and over again and it takes so time to decide what to wear so that's one factor that I'm always at the risk of being late for work. And so now that it's cleaned, I can take turns of my blouses and pants and shirts--in short, I have so much varieties.

Now I'm just thinking of changing my plastic hangers to metals because I think it consumes space on my small closet. And I need to have a new panty basket and a much better bra hanger to keep it more organized.

This closet is not a fashion blog worthy as it's a very small collection of clothes but then the bottom line is ... I'm one happy lady :)

Finally! Yay!

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