Sep 8, 2012

Thoughts on: Cooking and Being Married.

I've always thought that cooking should be learned when you're about to get married (and I'm not yet--getting married, that is). And so my parents knew that I'm no help in the kitchen department. But as you grow older (and more mature, I hope) you think of the important skills that you need to acquire.

And also... I realize that I have standards that I want for my man to have once we decided to take our relationship to the next level. And I'm sure he does as well. So just like what the God is teaching us singles,

Be the Right Person First Before You Have Your Right Man/Woman.

It actually struck me and opened my eyes wide. I always pray for God to give me a partner that has this and is like that but did I ask myself if I am equipped to do this and do that.  So I have to prepare myself!

And so does my cooking skills.

With that being said, I am planning to put our oven into good use (since hindi pa nabibinyagan yun).  I plan to cook Macaroni and Cheese (though I know an elementary can actually do this. and this recipe isn't that wifely enough to feed my six member family, but give me credit for doing the initiative--of planning, that is. Hahahah!!!)

I must say that I'm really amaze to those women who have the heart to cook. Very domesticated. But all things are a process. Can be learned. Acquired. To be a habit, I Hope :)

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