Oct 28, 2012

Cooking!!! Spanish Sardines Fried Rice

Time and again I always say that I don't know how to cook and I plan to cook Mac and Cheese... but I think the more I say it the more that I fail to do it. Now one morning while I was riding bus on my way home (kala mo mo napaka epic ng scenario) I suddenly craved for fried rice. love of fried rice started when I visited Bangkok ages ago. I soo loved the Thai fried rice that I did numerous attempts to make my own version when I was in college.

If there's one dish that I think I would excel and that is fried rice making.

So welcome to my Spanish Sardines Fried Rice

1 can of Spanish Sardines
minced garlic
minced onion
diced bell pepper
chopped onion spring
chopped parsley aka kinchay
cooking oil
salt to taste
rice (cooked! of course!)

How to Cook:
1. In a hot pan put cooking oil and saute the garlic and onion. drain the Spanish Sardines and add it to the mixture. crush the sardines in the pan then add the bell pepper. Be careful because it sometimes splutters. I actually got my eyelid burned (too bad for a seasonal cook, huh?)

2. Add rice and parsley and onion spring. Add salt to taste. mix everything in the pan then serve. Enjoy!

My Dad and Tito tasted it and they said its masarap (delicious)... So I guess its okay :))

Ang Hirap Mag English! :))

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