Dec 24, 2012

Of Fishtail Braid and Solar Flare Nails :)

Every time I attend special events, I always wear my hair either down and flat or doing the traditional bun. And to be honest, I'm too stingy to go to the parlor and have my hair done professionally hahah!!! Normally, my hair is sooo awful it looks like I have the witch hair. But thanks to Lauren Conrad's The Beauty Department, it gave me an inspiration to do a different hairstyle without suffering my budget. All it took was my time with YouTube and some practice and whoala! I have the messy fishtail braid. And I-Love-It!
My Company Christmas Party Look :)
The theme of the party was Glam Rock and my definition of it of course includes gold so thanks to China Glaze in Solar Flare it game me a more lively nails. The only downside of it is the fact that I'm gonna spend so much time removing it :( 

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