Jan 23, 2013

The Impossible

From Wikipedia: The film tells the true story of María Belón and her husband Enrique, played by Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, and their three children. It starts as the family begins their Christmas holiday in Thailand, with the intention of spending a few days at a tropical paradise resort. Their idyllic vacation is interrupted on the morning of December 26, 2004, when a devastating tsunami destroys the coastal zone. In surviving the disaster, the family is separated and a desperate search to reunite ensues.

When you're face with so much devastation and you see your loved ones being eaten alive by the big waves and you float on dirty waters with lots of debris, do you think you would survive? And even if you wake up , do you think you can take the painful journey through recovery and on the other hand you're thinking if your loved once also survived? That's how I felt while watching the film. And I cried so much my eyes were ready to pop out. It's a must see movie and I wish Naomi Watts would bag the Oscar's best actress award for doing an extraordinary job on the role. And because of that I like her na hehehhe... The whole cast is really good and also the kid who played Lucas (Tom Holland). Very brave kid :)

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