May 26, 2013

Ash Blonde Permanent Cellophane

I finally got my hair colored again. I didn't go for the traditional method of hair coloring but I had my hair done at Heaven's Salon and Spa in Acacia Lane Mandaluyong. The treatment was called Permanent Cellophane. I'm not really keen what goes into my hair. All I know is that it looks good and its ash blonde.

Within the last two years I've been a blonde aficionado. So much for that bottled blonde hair! I find black boring so I switched.

The only down side was that it made my hair so dry again that at the end it's like a broom stick hair. I'll start taking care of my hair from now on buy doing extra treatment because of the 'abuse' I had put it through when I had it rebonded last December.  But nevertheless I still adore my new hair color.
My Crowning Glory!

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