Jun 23, 2013

Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I was searching for a good hero-grovelling boos when this was suggested in a forum. I immediately read reviews at Goodreads and was so satisfied I purchased it in just one shot. From then on I never looked back. It's my first for Susan Elizabeth Phillips and I think I'll get Heaven, Texas as well hahah!!!

This is the story of Daisy and Alex who were forced to get married and end up living a hand to mouth life in a circus. As they traveled they uncovered feelings that they never knew possible. Daisy was like a sunshine to everybody except for Alex who was so screwed he made everything to turn her away until he realized that he was not willing to let his wife go and Daisy wasn't interested anymore.

I guarantee you the grovelling part is really really really good.
A 5 Star for me :)

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