Jul 10, 2013

Bags: New 'Affordable' Bag After Two Years :)

haha! After two years I get to purchase a new bag for myself! (kuripot no? haha!) Two years is more than enough for my Sophie bag to bear so I gave it it's much needed rest. Imagine sporting the same bag within the last two years in really un-girly like, right? And seriously I also ask myself why I'm not the type to re-stock every now and then of the latest trends. Maybe because I'm more focus on experience rather than the material things in life (epic!) But enough of the rants why.

Originally I was only looking for a white basic white which I find more stylish when I watch A gentleman's Dignity. I love the white tote that  Kim Haneul was sporting. But sad to say I haven't seen a basic white tote at the department store.

So the next best thing was a beige bag. When i buy bags, I usually go for the basic colors because it's easy to pair with other types of clothing. So I came across Secosana at The Landmark in Trinoma and I immediately fell in love with the style. An added factor was the fact that it has an extra strap to make it a sling bag so its right and perfect for me. On top of that it's on S-A-L-E!! Ho lucky can you get? Php 750+ hahahhaha!!!

It has this unique closure at the back.
I got stupefy on how to open this bag until the lady helped me :)

This is what I originally wanted but this was so much far from what I got. I don't mind... because I'm happy of what I have. Kim haneul's bag is from L'inoui which I think is a Korean brand. And the original price is sooooooo, way too much expensive for me hahah! But I still love it the same :)
Photos courtesy of  http://www.kdramafashion.com/
Photos courtesy of  http://www.kdramafashion.com/

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