Jul 29, 2013

nail art :)

Good morning guys! Its a rainy morning. Actually it's been raining since 12pm Sunday yesterday and it never stopped. I'm writing my blog at my cozy living room while watching UKG's weather update :)

Today's post is about nail art. Back in 2005 nail art tools are rare and few in the country. I remember watching a nail art competition from a Chinese channel (with no caption) and it made me so interested in the field so I asked my Ate to send me a Konad nail stamp from the US. So I just settled in stamping my nail to give it a little twist. But now... theres A LOT of nail spa available in the metro and so nail art is not rare any more. 

I always like my toe nails painted. It gives my feet a clean polished look. And so when my Tita said she wanted to use me to try her new nail art design I jumped the gun and made myself a willing sacrifice... hahaha! Not bad for first time customer. :) She also made my fingernails a bling bling nail art but i wasnt able to take a photo because i did my chores right after and the gems fell of ... hmmm...

Raw Photo :) 

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