Aug 28, 2013

Protect Yourself

Rainy season in the Philippines is a real challege especially for someone like me who works at night. And so taking extra measure on protecting myself against disease is really important.

A friend recently introduced me to this vitamins. Avon Life Boost Defense-C Vitamins. And based on my mom, who tends to be prone with colds and cough attested that this vitamins really worked wonders for her. And true enough. I was feeling feverish last week and decided to take this stuff and just after a good day sleep I'm doin' great already. Hindi na tumuloy ang lagnat.

I could compare this to the Pharmaton I used to take. So its good and its affordable. 

Its cold and its super rainy. Sabi nga ng Clusivol: BAWAL MAGKASAKIT :)

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