Sep 12, 2013

Have You Try This? Nivea Cream for The Hair

Yes, you read that right. For-The-Hair.
My mom once told me that Nivea Cream can also be used for the hair as it is good for the hair nourishment if its dry.

Recently, I came across Into The Gloss' post about this and I decided to try it out. So last Saturday I purchased the smallest Nivea Cream to see how it will go. It has positive reviews according to the blog.

How I did it:
I applied it to my damp clean hair and avoided the roots. Its quite a challenge to use it as its not easy to apply and you have to keep finger combing your hair. I dried it using the most basic and economical method, the industrial fan! Haha!

The Good Stuff:
-My hair is more tamed than usual and it has this fresh silky smell on it which I like
-Unbelievably shinny

The Down Side:
-I find the cream so greasy on my hair. I would rather have a dry hair than a greasy one. Seriously!
-Hard to dry.
-Its so shiny you will think I didn't took a bath! haha!

My Recommendation:
If you're not a fan of leave on's then I suggest use this only over the weekend as hair mask because IT really conditions the hair.

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