Sep 16, 2013

Lightest Ash Blonde Permanent Cellophane

I just got my hair done a week ago. I got the same treatment, but different color shade. Last time its this, and now its Lightest Ash Blond from Heaven's Salon and Spa in Acacia Lane. It took me like 4 hour's to finish because of the queue of customers. I had the same stylist, its still Johnson and he did it efficiently. 

I'm a budget babe and the Salon gives great price and acceptable service (because you have to go to a different rooms for shampoo, blow dry and treatment room) but the staff are very accommodating and friendly that's why. 

So what's the difference? Well there's a little. In fact I can barely notice. I was expecting a much lighter than the on I had last time. But I'm okay with it.
**pimple alert! Sorry!


what do you think?