Sep 4, 2013

Thick Brows! And What Made Me Decide to Embrace it

Thick eyebrows makes you look younger. Period! When I  look at my teenage pictures, there's no denying that I have the Mt. Apo like eyebrows and I was not proud of it and so I learned how to shave it to thin lines. (Plucking is not for me.) And so that made me look mature and older than my early years. But as you grow older you want to at least maintain that youthful aura which if we will not start taking care of ourselves well start feeling older and looking older.

And besides, thick brows are the "in" thing right now when everybody's obsessed with age defying creams and serums. Surely we're all aware that the harmful elements that our modern world today brings have great impacts on our well being, right?

These are the ladies that pop's into my head when you say eyebrows:
Raina Hein. She's really the one who made me appreciate my brows. I saw her first on an episode from America's Next Top Model (I dont know which season) where she was eliminated. Her defined clean thick brows is so classy and so natural. Mala- Brooke Shields lang ang peg!
Julia Baretto. I cant stop staring at her everytime her Ponds TVC is on air. So beautiful with her thick brows. 
Hillary Rhoda. I saw her first at Rebecca Minkoff's Call Me Maybe cover and she's so stunning while wearing casual clothes! Of course sporting that thick brows :)
Yours Truly. hahaha!!!! Aba syempre magpapatalo ba naman ako? Hehe. Thank God I'm blessed with thick brows and so I don't have to spend 10 minutes just to line and draw fake brows. Although eye brow pencil is a must for me because it give me that extra oomhp that my brows needed.


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