Oct 2, 2013

Have You Try This? Ellips Hair Vitamin

I seem to be writing more about hair lately. Maybe because having a tamed hair is one of my greatest dream. Hahah! Talk about envy. So its really high time for me to try various products (affordable one's). So while I was shopping for basic toiletries (hair conditioner, mild soap, pads and liner) I saw this hair vitamin and decided to try it.

Now time and again I always say that I don't like leave-on's because I feel so greasy and I look like hindi naligo! hahah! But with Ellips, its really light and its not greasy at all! In fact it made my hair more tame. The best part is that it's only Php 34.75 in Landmark Trinoma. (Sa ibang department store its Php 20 higher).
So, Have you tried this?

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