Oct 9, 2013

Top 5 Tips to Beat That Gloomy Day

You know the feeling when you wake up and feel like it's gonna be a long draggy day? Well, obviously I'm human so I have those days too. Now I've listed my top five things I do when that mood strikes.

1. Wear Something Nice. 
      Back when I was still on the "more skin is in" days (I still do from time to time, hahah!), I used to wear short shorts or short skirt matched with my traditional polo shirt. (yeah, yeah... that's my kind of thing before.) But now that I'm older and wiser (I should say) I dress to impress myself by wearing my staple style and that is a skinny pants and striped shirt. (I don't know but stripes is like the "in" thing for me right now.) Nowadays, showing skin has a tendency for me to feel more conscious thus it adds my anxiety all the more. So I stay with my traditional one's.

This is not exactly the best in my closet, but hey! I find myself presentable enough wearing this basic clothes hahaha!
@ uaap75 openingw/ bro
coffee with elem friends :)

2. Make That Up! 
     On a normal basis I live with eye cream, moisturizer, loose powder, brow pencil and cheek stain. But when the situation calls for it (e.g. waking up on the wrong side of the bed) I always use my favorite palate and give my eyes that glow that it needs (please do not forget your mascara! That will add a little ommph! to you peepers). It never fails to put that boost that my eyes needed especially when those down days strikes. Kristen Stewart has this good doe eye perfect for that smokey eyes. Most of the time I follow her lead. Sorry I don't have a version of mine I can show heheh. Maybe next time :)

3. Jumpstart Your Day with that Caffeine Boost.
     This is already a splurge for me! Buying this coffee most of the time adds a little dent to my weekly budget (I'm an instant coffee girl, sorry and that's only Php 8.00 compared to the Php 160+ overpriced coffee) but I allow myself a little cheat-day when gloomy days strikes. I always go with Caramel Frap, my happy drink :)
carlevesun starbucks
Isn't it obvious I love stripes :))

4. Mind Over Matter.
     Of course it all depends in the attitude! Self control and proper mindset can make or break your day. Always focus on your goal and just follow your trail.

5. Pray. Read. Meditate.
     This is true I swear. Praying earnestly and reading the bible and meditating His word is a sure fire way to boost your mood, take your mind off that problem that keeps on bugging you and realizing that there is a God whom we call all trust and has the best plans for us. It's not always a perfect day but we can be assured that trusting God will give us enough strength to survive and excel life's challenges.

How about you? What are your top 5 tips in beating that gloomy day? Wear stripes??? Hahaha!


  1. Oh, this is an inspiring post.

    Here's my top 5:
    1. Pray.
    2. Eat chocolates.
    3. Hug someone I love.
    4. Buy something for myself.
    5. Think of something that will excite me like places I want to go to.

  2. Bet koyung pray and shopping hehehe. Glad you like it mare ๐Ÿ˜


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