Nov 27, 2013

November Photo Diary

The almost four weeks hiatus is over and I got my drive back to blog again. Part of the reason why was my pc got busted and it's hard to update from an ipad. But when it's up and running, Yolanda happened. Nope! We were not affected, thank God but I just feel like its inappropriate to thrive on good things when my other countrymen are suffering. 

Now since the aim of this blog is to bank on experience, I hope and pray that i'll be able to document--at least capture it in photos--all the good and the bad side of being carlevesun :) 

Again I gotta remind myself that I'm writing not for some audience, not for the number of page views and not for the comments but because of Me! Me and only me!
I'm currently watching "When A Man Loves". So far its so so.... 
Obviously the mala-Harlequin plot of the story caught my attention. 
Keeping my fingers crossed hoping its good till the end.

3 months??? Hahaha! Busog lang... busog :) (Now that's unflattering :/)

Unbelievable! Mom got this cotton candy slippers for 45 Php at the Halloween Bazaar 
near our place. Cute no?

The Unfinished Business. Tsk! 'Nuff said!
Visit from my cousin. (See that stripes again! I love stripes!)
Dainty Feet! If its not only for the sometimes raining weather in the country, 
I would've wear this day in and out.

Till Next Photodump!


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