Dec 27, 2013

Repeat Performance

I've always thought that wearing the same dress on two different occasions is quite offending (I'm talking about attending parties). At least for me.  Though I have limited funds, I always managed to wear different dresses on different occasions, either purchased, gifted, thrifted or borrowed.

But nowadays time's are changing and money doesn't come by that easily. You really have to sweat it out to earn it and so spending at least 1500 for one dress that you'll be wearing for just a night is quite daunting (That amount of money in the Philippines is already big.). It's like I'm already in front for the cashier and my hand's like a rubber band that wont let the money go! hahahah! Talk about being stingy!

Now practicality made me realized that repeating your clothes is not that bad. I mean, given the current situation of the economy and the expenses I have at home, I'm sure its plain injustice to spend moolah on one dress. And besides, not everybody will notice that you already wore it on a different occasion.

Now if I have extra money then why not?! I would snap at my money flick it so fast the cash register wont have a chance to blink. Oh well, now its hard to come by :))

And besides, we have the perfect example that repeat performance is OK! The Duchess is never afraid to wear the same thing twice. Of course I'm taking my cues on her... :)))

Kate Middleton

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