Dec 1, 2013

Sonya's Garden

Anna, Jen and I are trying to have at least one getaway every year since we started traveling back in 2010. Due to the hectic schedules, leave conflicts and budget problems that tradition barely continued.

And so we decided to find a place where
1.) Near the metro
2.) Budget Friendly
3.) Has good scenery.

Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay fit the bill. So Anna, along with her daughter Alexia and her boyfriend Elson, and Jen agreed to join in.

These girls are all fresh from sleep and I'm not. I came from a graveyard shift so good luck talaga!

Now buses from the south are no longer allowed along EDSA so we settled for an FX drive from Star Mall in Shaw Boulevard. It's only 180Php/pax and I think it only took us at least two and a half hours just to get there. It was traffic which was unusual, said manong driver. A plus factor of riding the FX is the fact that it's going along the way where most of the beautiful restaurants and bed and breakfast was and if we took the bus then its not allowed to go there.

Upon reaching Barangay Buck Estate, there's tricycles lining up and its only 10php/pax.

And then theres the restaurant. I seriously love it!. I mean it's all green and theres lots and lots of flowers. Upon getting inside the place is so cozy and very homey. The background music is so relaxing I felt like having coffee in Paris. I dont know what type of music is that and I gotta research that lol.

Now we were served with  (my favorite) garden salad. Lot's and lots of different lettuce and cups of nuts, mangoes, and all other greeneries.
The Garden Salad
Now the main course was placed on the side of the restaurant. Buffet Style. It consist of three large food warmers. The first one contains the pasta and the salmon belly, the second one was the Chicken Cream with Mangoes and Tomato Sauce and the last food warmer contains the Ratatouille (which I think tasted like pinakbet hahahha) and Shitake Mushroom
Jen and Elson said there's umay factor in the pasta but I don't really care hahah! I was so happy eating my personalized salad while taking turns with my pasta. I didnt try the tomato sauce only because I easily get upset stomach. Acid issues.

After the main course, we were served with one slice of chocolate cake, glazed potatoes (minatamis na kamote) and banana rolls (kamote-que) and Tarragon Tea. I love the tea! At first we thought it was mint but its not. I find it relaxing. Very new to my taste.
The Tarragon Tea
Of course after that sumptuous meal we headed outside for that much awaited photo op :)
The Restaurant's Entrance
Chandelier's Nice! I Bet My Ate's Gonna Like This :)
Brat Pack! :)))
Our Fairy Princess :)
Jen and I
Blog Worthy #chos

Now seriously I think the kind of dish that Sonya's Garden is serving is not for everybody only for the sole reason that not every one is fond of eating vegetables just like Jen and Elson.

But as for me, I extremely love the food and the place. I will surely come back.

Adult: 683 Php
Kids: Half the price

Sonya's Garden
Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, 4123


  1. It looks very nice.


    1. it is... if ever you get to the Philippines please visit this place. its really great :)


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