Jan 23, 2014

Closet Clean Up 2014

Time and again, my closet is one of my parent's major headache. Its like a constant battlefield and the hunt for that tank top is a pain in the .... especially when I'm in a hurry.

Now just before the 2013 ended I kept on picturing myself emptying my closet and sorting all my clothes out.

And finally I did! Haha! Mind over matter! I did it in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Remember the advice that the best time to study is in the morning when your mind's all cleared? Its the same with house hold chores too. hahah! It's always nice to check what to keep and what to give every now and then.Also I get to see clothes that I always wear and not wear. Meager in size compare to others, I once again realized that I have so much clothes. I just need to use each properly :)

Now that my closet is all dolled up, keeping it that way will be the tricky part. Hehehe...

Keeping my fingers crossed. xx


  1. I envy you. I need a bigger closet so I can start organizing my clothes. Hope to get this done this quarter.

  2. its relatively small mare. and on top of that I also share it with someone who only comes home every two years :))).


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