Jan 18, 2014

It Doesnt Have To Be Itsy Bitsy

Walking down the memory lane ito! I remember when I was in my early teens I was soooo hooked up with 'skins' (that was back in the day when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were it girls...) that I realized now that I'm older and wiser that I was dressing like a hooker. Yes-- a hooker!

I came from a Christian school and so most of my religious foundation were nurtured there--except the way I dressed. I remember being brave in defying our school policy and dress the way I wanted to dress. Oh yes I have faux pas every now and then, especially during prom nights. I dressed---- ughhhrrr too sexy for my age of 16. And so on the senior prom one of my teachers made a snide remark about dressing . Hahah! AWKWARD!

This is another cringing moment for me as I look back, I remember attending a Christian wedding at this plushy venue in Quezon City wearing the shortest short dress I could find. Gosh! The sheer stupidity of me!

It took me years and years to finally get out of that infatuation and shy away from dressing slutty to classy. I'm not saying that I'm the master of all master. Of course I just utilize my own resources and  I started investing in classic cut clothes (super classic to the point na puro jeans and polo shirts na lang haha!) and simple elegant dresses (still body hugging but not backless or plunging anymore----sheer na lang! hahah!)

Oh you'll still see me in the shortest shorts you can ever find but still there's a trick to getaway from that... :)))

When you're young you tend to act foolishly. I thought I was cool. I thought I was hip. But I guess I am not considering I sometimes see myself with today's kids and I cringe! And I have those awkward memories to live by :/

It really doesn't have to be itsy bitsy. But you learn from mistakes, so there's something good to look forward to :)

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  1. Oh! Very nice post. I can relate. Lessons learned. :)


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