Jan 11, 2014

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


Contrary to my body type, my paycheck goes only to food because I eat A LOT! And the sad part is that I dont really eat healthy food. I like eating at restaurants, fast food chains, buffets and all that pocket draining expensive coffee and that overpriced smoothie.

I am grateful that I am blessed with a slender body and its allowing me to eat anything I want without worrying about gaining pounds.But then the quality of my food intake suffers because of the junk that I indulge in--especially in iced teas. As in I litterally cant last a day without sipping one. But thank God for lemon water. Its keeps my palate satisfied without the artificial effects of the "green tea".

Occasional Shopping.
Now a girl gotta shop every now and then and that's a reality. Though I do it very rarely, I decided to utilize my closet properly. I noticed that I've been wearing the same old clothes for work and I'm tired of it. Sometimes I end up looking lousy as ever when I'm in a hurry and in no mood to play dress up. I also sometimes feel I don't have enough clothes to wear which is ridiculous because I always see my closet toppling over because of clothes not fitting in.

So my plan is make to use all the tops and dresses I have before I start buying a new one.

So NOW is the best time to do it. No other time!

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