Feb 1, 2014

February: Better and Brighter!!!

Updated 03/16/14
Oh ok... so its officially February. Its like a few day's ago we celebrated the new year. How time flies soooo freaking fast. I guess people gets more busier than ever.

Anyway since this is the love month, I'm looking forward to four things:

1.  to a rewarding Valentines Day with my girls of course. Hopefully our plans pushes through. I'm excited to try this new restaurant in the one of the food strips in Pasig area. We've been eyeing this place for the last two years and every hearts day we spend it either watching movie or eating in the mall. So food pa din pero ibang place naman :) --Im referring to Cafe Juanita but plans changed so this is what happened this Valentines.

2. This is also the month where my baby project will start. Hopefully my cousin agrees! :)-- This plan is still deferred until further notice. 

3. Keeping my fingers crossed that my Nanay will come home this month. Missed her soooo much! --Nanay is here so I am Happy!

4. Better Bank Balance. As I look at my bank balance, I feel more and more empowered and above all blessed on what God has provided me ever since my world began. --Thank God slowly but surely something's happening with my bank balance :)

I'm in the process of resolving one issue at a time so there's no rush.I just need a little more motivation than the usual and more love and support.


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    1. were not getting any younger mare.... so tipid tipid din pag may time :)


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