Feb 18, 2014

Happy Hearts Day!

Valentines day was spent sleeping in the morning and working at night. Then I realized I was even wearing the black shirt on Vday. Of course I noticed all the couples hailing all kinds of transportation  in the metro and I actually got late on a Friday night because cars and commuters are jamming the streets. It felt like Christmas shopping all over again.

And so post Vday I spent it with my sissies and hot issue. Though Ive been single for ..... God knows how long, my Vday's were never empty and lifeless. Thanks to these friends. Both Jen and Anna are does have significant others, one is hot issue and the other is Astroboy who's a globetrotter. Carlevesun is never alone as evidenced by this:

Originally, our plan was to dine in Xocolat near Eastwood City but it was closed so its a major epic fail. So we decided to settle for Zark's. The food was nice and very reasonable (I got the Black Mamba because I like my burger with vegetables. It's only Php 135 + the bottomless iced tea which I forgot the price. The Nachos are to die for. Its really really good.) but the place was one big major  inconvinience--if not a major health risk. You know why? I got bitten by the bunch of mosquitoes swirming around the whole place. I mean I can literally see aedes aegypti  flyring around somewhere and bitten the crap out of me. Kaya kapag nagka dengue ako, alam na!

The Black Mamba Burger

After that one big dinner, we went to J.Co. I would say this is the most less crowded J.Co branch I'veever been to. Sa malls box office ang lines. Each of us got our own boxes and oh! The lightning was good so photo op na naman!

Oh yeah! After a few years I got hard copies of pictures by dropping by the nearest Kodak printing shop in the area. I knew that it would take Anna and hot issue YEARS (PUN INTENDED) to upload the pictures on Facebook so we decided to get our printed copies of our most beautiful pictures.

We ended the night early because Jen got a 9pm shift so I was home by 10. Over all, it was a night of celebration of love and frienship. I kept on telling them that thistradition should last our lifetime. I mean where can i find friends who's willing to celebrate their Vdays with me, right?

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