Feb 6, 2014

Of Childhood Foolishness and Nostalgic Afternoon...

I love to write. Writing is natural to me. But I cater to different kind of writing, one that is not for everybody. Nope, I don't do the EL James type of writings but I write about love. More like romance.

I don't know, being a harlequin addict myself inspired me to write stories of my own. And it's really rewarding.

As I roam around my dresser last week, I found notebooks and papers where all my thoughts are written down--even in my thesis back in collage. It is precisely one dresser full of junk that needs to be dispose.

But then again as I look at my writings, its funny how my English has improved overtime (I write in English back in 5th grade). And I saw myself laughing as I read each and every lines. The English was so barok that if I hear someone speak like that today, I'll cringe I swear!

I remembered my high school friend whom I shared my love for Backstreet Boys--more specifically with Nick Carter. We wrote together on a piece of intermediate paper fastened. My penmanship  had become worse overtime! I write legibly back in school pero hindi na ngayon. (Gahd! All these technology's making me all the more stagnant than ever)

Looking back, the books that I've read, the stories that I wrote made an impact to me because (I think) I write better English now than before and I learned to preserve myself in more ways than one  (which I dont have the energy to elaborate). But the downside of it is that I unconsciously set a standard for myself what a man should have to get me to a relationship. Pihikan nga ika nga.

Oh the foolishness of the youth! It kinda sent me in a series of nostalgia during the course of the day.  And as I cry and smile at the memories, I decided it's time to let go. Let go of the evidence of my childhood foolishness and move on to better things, better views, better me. :)

This is the love month.... but for me its my candy season :) #chos

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