Apr 13, 2014

Diary ng Panget The Movie

Shocks! Parang nagbabalik High School yata ako and I'm 27!!! We just watched it today as in super kilig at super tawa kaming mga girls (hot issue was there and he didn't laugh that much like we did... must be a guy thing). Super kilig talaga ever! Jen was complaining kase she's the shock absorber of my kilig moments. Pinapalo ko  siya! hahahhaha

I must say that Andre Paras is really really gwapo. Kung siguro teenager pa ako malamang mahohook ako ng bongga sa kanya. But I'll be like a cougar sa age ko sa kanya bwahahahahhaha anu ba yun??? 

We were at the movie house and the other audience couldn't help but laugh and clap because of the punchlines and their antics. Most of them couldn't get enough of James Reid's bod... Oh well.... buff na buff si koya so he deserve all the swoon he could get hehhehehe.

And the girls.... Nadine Lustre is a natural. I like her. She's being compared to Kathryn and honestly speaking I don't see the resemblance. They are a star of their own right. Both good and entertaining. Yassi Pressman is also good. Kala ko nung una mean- mean-an ang character ni atey. Hehehe

Lakas maka feel good ng movie na to. At dahil jan..... I'll buy the DVD when its out :)))

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