Aug 15, 2014

Berry Brownie

So whats up with me lately? I'm busy with work, work, work (very Iggy Azalea! hihihi) and studies though much of my time is wasted on e-books and Facebook (my good friend would prolly kill me once she read this haha!). Going out is not an option for me lately which is fine because I can spend some quality time with the parents during my days off. So blessed to have weekends off.

I've been donning the same polish within the last couple of months and most of the time I stick with basics and utilize all the polish I have inside our fridge. (I share my ownership with my Tita who is much more creative and adventurous with her choice of designs.) So last Sunday, Mom and I decided to stroll around Landmark and I found this polish by Bobbie. Its called Sweet Speckles Polish in Berry Brownie (Approx Php 70) and this reminds me of the pink version of McFlurry. I sealed it with  my Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat to give it that extra oomph to its looks. The only down side is that after a few days the shine fades and I don't know if its with the polish or with the top coat.
I do my own mani-pedi because I'm a budget babe so wag masyadong mapaghanap... hahhaha!!!
Pink McFlurry Feel :)


  1. Yeah, it looks like McFlurry.

    Girl, you also have weekend offs? Same with me. So why not meet up?? =)

  2. oo weekends off nga ako... Thank God! yes dapat magkita kita nga tayo.... two years ago pa yata yung huli natin hehhehehe... dami na ngyari hahahah!!!!


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