Dec 15, 2014

Mani Monday! My First Gel Manicure

I've been thinking about getting gel nails for a long time now and finally I was able to do it yesterday! Yay! My brother's girlfriend recommended me Hotties Nail and Body Spa where she got hers done a few days ago. She said that the service was on a discounted price (who doesn't like discounts??? I got my mani for only Php 250) so I decided to fly to España to try it.
Getting there was just a breeze considering the horrible traffic conditions in Metro Manila plus the fact that it's Christmas Season. I live in QC so it took me at least an hour and a half to get there. The place was just near in University in Santo Tomas, Moret St to be exact. Sorry I didn't take pictures. I was too excited with manicure itself I fail to get at least one! But the place was one of the most relaxing spa I've been to.

Anyway, back to the service. The lady cleaned my nails first before applying the gel color. The brand that was used was Cuccio, which btw the first time I've ever heard of. The lady said that its a US brand.
Originally I chose a color similar to dark violet though the one that was applied was more like navy blue. I think its because of the kind lightning that the salon has so that makes hard to see. Even the nail tech was having episodes of color blindness which, btw, happened to me too! (that's why I ended up getting navy blue gel nails) But the end product is really good.

Why only good?

It's good because the color suited me better than I expected and because the nails was solid.  But I think the polish was not as luster as the regular nail polish with mega shine top coat. This is my first time to try gel nails and I am so used to doing my own that I got myself accustomed to ultra glossy shiny nails. I wish my camera would be able to capture the difference.

I have yet to try other known brands but basically this is just basically my own reiew.

Hotties Nail and Body Spa is located at University Tower 1, Moret St. Sampaloc Manila.


  1. I would love to try gel nail polish... but I find it expensive.. ;)

    1. naku mare its cheap na considering that this is gel manicure. if im not mistaken the regular price of the service was like 350. on a normal basis kung sa mga kilalang nail spa and using the popular branded one's was more like 1k+.

      try mo mare! i do my own nails kase kuripot ako but its worth the try! I know you love nail grooming :)


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