Jan 1, 2015

Dance To The Beat of Your Dreams


My To-Do List is something that I only write in my head. And with a person who's got a memory gap like mine, most of the time I find myself muttering "Good luck sa task... (with heartfelt sigh at the end). I also have an expense tracker which is only available online, so kung walang internet connection, again good luck.

Thank goodness for Belle De Jour Power Planner 2015. This power planner got everything that an active girl needed and more. I noticed that I buy planner every two years and this year BDJ has got a different look.  I like mine. It's very minimalist but still girly. Plus factor are the discount coupons that's on a separate booklet.

I bought this from Powerbooks, Trinoma for Php 680. (Way much cheaper than the 'other' popular planner.)

Now again, planner is just a planner and executing the plan is a different story. #justsayin'

Oh yes perks!
http://ilovebdj.com/ - Official Belle De Jour Website

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